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Praters has partnered with the Maui Invitational since 2012, providing PlayOn Decals to brand the court and installing on-site in Hawaii, and in 2020, a little closer to home - Asheville, NC.
Since the first Fort Myers Tip-Off in 2018, Praters and Intersport have worked together to bring this new college basketball MTE to life.
For The Basketball Tournament 2020, Praters provided full-court playon decals to brand the floor, and on-site installation and monitoring throughout the event.
With plans for the Paradise Jam upended due to covid and travel restrictions, organizers decided to move it to Washington DC - and we helped them do it, adding customized playon decals to the court.

High Standards

Athlete safety is top priority for all of us, and PlayOn® Decals are the only on-court branding that’s totally safe. They are coated with Bona finish to make a consistent playing surface across the court. In addition, they have been independently tested to meet slip-resistance requirements. These tests are used by the NBA, NCAA, and all other basketball organizations to ensure safety. To sum it up, you know your athletes are safe with PlayOn® Decals.

Open the box, install, play. It’s that easy. Our basketball court decals are manufactured and coated in-house and shipped all over the world. As soon as you’re ready to play, they are ready to play on.

PlayOn Decals® have been used in more than 1,000 NCAA Div 1 games over the last 10 years. Our clients include the Maui Invitational, Paradise Jam, ESPN Champions Classic, and the NCAA. They come back year after year because they trust our product to keep their athletes safe.

We’ve revolutionized the game with cutting-edge technology that ensures unparalleled precision, durability, and aesthetics. Our patented method guarantees that every decal is flawless, offering a superior playing experience and stunning visuals. Join the future of basketball court design and performance with our innovative, patented process—PlayOn Decals®. Elevate your game today!

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