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For one of Praters longest customers, MTSU, a revamped court that captures the school’s history for a big anniversary.
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When they wanted to take their court design to the next level, Apostolic Christian Academy chose to be on the cutting edge with satin finish.
A fresh sand and paint in 2017 for Cumberland County High School won a national design award.
A hurricane almost derailed Jacksonville University’s basketball season, but Praters found temporary and long-term solutions to keep that from happening.


We’ve been on the cutting edge of gym flooring design since the early 90’s, and permanent gym floors are our bread and butter. To that end, our in-house designers take your school logo and bring your court to life. Additionally, they can even create vectors of your team’s logo if you don’t have a digital file on-hand. Above all, we work with your team to make your basketball court something your school will take pride in.

Praters provides slab-up installation of permanent, fixed-resilient, performance basketball courts. We will partner with your team to find the perfect style of gym flooring to fit your needs.

Sometimes you don’t need brand new gym flooring – just a little pick me up in a few areas. That’s where our board repair experts come in. They’ll fix just where the floor needs it, and make it match seamlessly with the rest of the court.

Basketball courts take a lot of hard hits, and when it’s time for yours to get an update, we will restore it to its former glory. With a full sand, fresh coat of paint, and finish to protect it throughout the year, your gym flooring will look brand new.

We all hope that courts stay safe and in good shape. However, in the event that the worst happens, Praters is there to help. We’ve helped countless facilities recover after water damage hits their gym. In short, we’re the experts on water mitigation. To that end, we will do whatever it takes to get your court back in business.

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