Decal Hinge Install

Hinge Method

This method involves carefully laying the decal in the exact position, and then creating a “hinge” to apply one half of the decal at a time, ensuring that each half stays precisely where it needs to be. This approach allows for a secure placement and a clean finish, all while being easy and straightforward to execute.

*Note: Prior to installation, make sure that the court has been cleaned and is dust free. 3MTM recommends cleaning the floor with isopropyl alcohol prior to installation, but using a standard alcohol-based sports floor cleaner will work as well.

Step 1 - Finding Measurements

Find the placement of the decal and mark that placement on the court with painters tape.

Step 2 - Hinge Decal

“Hinge” the decal in the center by putting 2-3 strips of painters tape across the center of the decal.

Step 3 - Peel Backing on Side 1

Flip one half of the decal back over and peel off the backing. Cut off the backing by using a utility knife. Make sure that you do not cut the floor or the other side of the decal.

Step 4 - Stick Decal on Side 1

Flip the decal back over being careful not to break the hinge. use the squeegee to gently press the decal to the floor by evenly working the squeegee across the decal. Move in a single direction so that air is pushed out from under the decal as you go. Make sure no areas are missed.

Step 5 - Remove Hinge

Remove the tape (the hinge).

Step 6 - Lay Side 2

Repeat the above steps to the other side of the decal.

Step 7 - Remove Masking

Carefully remove the masking by slowly peeling the mask back against itself, keeping it low to the ground. Watch for any areas that are lifting and have not been squeegeed well to the floor. Re-squeegee any real that may lift. Bubbles can be removed by pressing down on the bubbles with your finger until they are no longer there.

Step 8 - Check Placement

Check the placement of your decal and remove the painters tape. Your decal is now ready to play on.
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