5 tried and true tips for basketball court maintenance

Posted by on August 7, 2017


basketball court maintenanceThese days, high school gyms are used for just about everything. Basketball and volleyball games, college fairs, homecoming dances, and pep rallies are just a few of the events that wear and tear your team’s beautiful court. But you don’t have to switch locations to keep your court in good shape. Just follow these tested basketball court maintenance steps to keep your floor in pristine condition.

Every day

Make sure that your custodial staff dust mops your court at least once a day.  Because dirt and sand attached to footwear gets tracked into the gym and shoes end up sanding the floor each time someone walks on it.  Using a dust mop with a damp towel to clean the floor frequently will eliminate premature wear of the coating.

Once a week

Organic material such as sweat will cause your court to become slick.  The best way to remove this grime is with an alcohol-based cleaner like Praters Court Marshall.  Hundreds of schools trust Praters Court Marshall to get the job done. You can find Court Marshall cleaning kits in our online store.

When needed

Black marks often happen after games and events. These are easy to clean up if you know the secret trick. Put a tennis ball on a broomstick and rub the black mark off the court!  Use Praters Court Marshall to help with the stubborn ones.  A magic eraser also gets the job done.

Each year

The MFMA (Maple Flooring Manufacturers Association) and Praters recommend recoating your floor yearly. Despite what many think, summer is actually the worst time to recoat your court. Events and use between August and December wear the court down so that by the time basketball season rolls around, it is not nearly as beautiful as it was at the beginning of the school year. That is why we strongly recommend using a water-based finish, which can be used while school is in session with minimal disruption. Many schools contract out this work, and we provide this service to almost 1000 gyms each year, but we are always available to direct your custodial staff if you would rather perform this work in-house.  And, we supply only the best products to meet your needs. Contact our team to find out what is best for your school’s needs.

Every 7-10 years

Court graphics need to be refreshed periodically.  Logos get worn and dated.  Trends in design change and game lines get added and removed.  We recommend a sand every 7-10 years. Check out our recent work at Cumberland County High School to see what a difference our premium service can make!

There you have it, folks! If you follow these basketball court maintenance steps, your home court will look awesome for years to come.

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