On December 16, 2023, fans at State Farm Arena witnessed a spectacle as the CBS Sports Classic unfolded its magic. The clash of titans began with an epic face-off between the UCLA Bruins and the Ohio State Buckeyes. After that, an adrenaline-pumping matchup between the North Carolina Tar Heels and the Kentucky Wildcats. The vibrant energy in the stands, dominated by blue-clad fans from Kentucky and North Carolina, created an electric atmosphere that resonated throughout the arena.

Setting the stage for these intense battles was the state-of-the-art basketball court crafted by Praters Flooring. Renowned for excellence in sports flooring, Praters Flooring provided a portable basketball court. And that court not only met the highest standards but also added a touch of elegance to the games. So the floor, painted in a captivating blend of blue and white, was a visual spectacle in itself.

Firstly, the opening act of the CBS Sports Classic featured a fierce matchup between the Bruins and the Buckeyes. The crowd cheered as the two powerhouse teams battled for supremacy on the Praters Flooring court. Every dribble and slam echoed through the arena, captivating the audience and proving that this was more than just a game. In short, it was a spectacle.

Following the first showdown, anticipation reached new heights as the Tar Heels went head-to-head with the Wildcats. The arena pulsated with energy as fans passionately cheered for their teams. The Praters Flooring court, with striking blue and white hues, became the epicenter of an unforgettable clash of basketball titans.

Of course, the defining feature  was the overwhelming presence of blue-clad fans from Kentucky and North Carolina. The CBS Sports Classic stands transformed into a sea of blue as passionate supporters rallied behind their respective teams. And the unity created a visual spectacle, emphasizing the communal joy and fervor that sports bring to diverse fan bases.

The CBS Sports Classic at the State Farm Arena was more than a series of basketball games. Above all, it was a celebration of athleticism, rivalry, and the unifying power of sports. With Praters Flooring providing the canvas for these intense battles, the court itself became a work of art, showcasing the commitment to excellence in both sports and aesthetics. As the final buzzer echoed in the arena, the memories of this extraordinary event lingered. Certainly, leaving a lasting imprint on the hearts of basketball enthusiasts and fans alike.