When Hurricane Irma made landfall in Jacksonville, Florida in September of 2017, Jacksonville University took a huge hit that could have been detrimental to their basketball season.

The gym and basketball court were virtually destroyed just one month before their team’s home opener.

School officials contacted Praters, and we were on site within 12 hours. After evaluating the damage, we concluded that the floor was a total loss. The roof was also damaged, and needed immediate repair.

It looked like the school was going to be unable to use their gym for the upcoming season, which meant they were facing an additional cost of renting a space to host their home basketball games. 

After looking at the damage and going over what our options were, we found a way to save JU’s home basketball season.

We decided to cut out the affected areas of the court and temporarily place decking above it. 

Then, we installed one of our portable rental courts and provided temporary graphics using our PlayOn Decals.

The portable court was installed and branded in time to allow Jacksonville to host the first home game of their season.

When the season was over, we took up the portable court and installed a new, state-of-the-art, low-profile, fixed-resilient permanent floor that the school will be able to use for the next 50 years.