The Maui Invitational, held since 1984, is one of the most iconic institutions in college basketball. It marks the beginning of basketball season and hosts some of the most competitive teams in the country, often gauging which teams to keep an eye on all year. Most of the major conferences are represented and the winner in Maui has gone on to win the NCAA championship later that season five times.

And it’s all thanks to an upset win in 1982 when Chaminade beat number 1 ranked Virginia 77-72. After the game, Virginia coach Terry Holland suggested to Chaminade coach Mike Vasconellos that he start a tournament in Hawaii, and the rest is history.

In 2020, the tournament had to move to the mainland due to Covid-19 travel restrictions. For the first time in its history – and likely the only time – the Maui Invitational was played in Asheville, North Carolina.

Photos by Brian Spurlock.