nail jams

items needed to perform this task

  • 3/16” Allen Wrench


Nail Jams.pdf

MIIIFN Operations and Maintenance Manual.pdf

step 1

With the nail gun disconnected from the air compressor, use a 3/16” Allen wrench to remove the torque screws and washers that secure the Nose Plates to Nailer Frame.

step 2

Pull back the Slide ( Assembly Pusher ) on the Magazine to release and remove the Nose Plates.

step 3

Separate the Nose Plates and remove the jammed fastner.

step 4

Re-join the Nose Plates. Pull back the slide ( assembly pusher ) on the Magazine and re-insert the Nose Plate into the Nailer Frame.

step 5

Resecure the Driver Plates to the Nose Assembly by first tightening each screw and washer by hand before tightening with a 3/16” Allen Wrench.

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