changing a plug on a sander

items needed to perform this task

  • Phillips + Flathead Screwdrivers
  • Wire cutters + strippers
  • New 20A, 250V Inlet plug


Changing a Plug on a Sander.pdf

step 1

Use a screwdriver to remove the 20 Amp/ 250 Volt Inlet Plug from the switch box cover.

step 2

Loosen each connector on the plug to disconnect the wires.

step 3

Make sure the wires are crimped and neat before connecting new plug.

step 4

Connect wires to new plug starting with the green ( ground ) wire in the g slot. The white ( neutral/common ) wire goes straight across from the ground in the y slot. The prong on this connection is shaped like an “L”.

step 5

The black ( negative ) wire goes in the X slot and the Red ( positive ) goes in the Z slot.

step 6

Reinsert to plug with the “L” shaped prong ( Neutral/Common ) in the North/ 12 O’clock position.

step 7

Use a screwdriver to secure the Inlet Plug back onto the switch box cover.


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