Decals part of dream come true for Coach Calipari fans

Posted by on August 26, 2017


decal, playon decal, praters decal, basketball courtIt’s every basketball fan’s dream to play for their favorite coach. Decals

And this weekend in Lexington, many fans got that very wish.

The Coach Cal Basketball Experience allowed these fans to train and play with the Kentucky coaching staff in the team’s iconic arena. So, many people traveled from across the U.S. to participate.

The participants, mostly businessmen and entrepreneurs, could choose between training as a player or assisting the coaching staff during the games.

Then, they spent the weekend learning the ins and outs of the game from the man himself – Coach Calipari. 

One perk of playing with the greats? Playing on the very best courts in basketball. And we proudly make that happen.

Praters partnered with ProCamps to brand and execute the weekend event.

We provided and sponsored the court, branded with our PlayOn Decals, made with our own patented technology to provide safe athletic play.

decals, praters decalsTrusted by event organizers and participants, our decals feature in high-profile events. Some of these events include The Maui Invitational, The ESPN Champions Classic, The McDonald’s All American Games and The Battle 4 Atlantis.

PlayOn Performance Decals are pre-finished at our facility in Chattanooga, Tennessee and can be played on immediately after installation.

Interested in branding your court? Call us today, and we will do everything possible to make your event a huge success!

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5 tried and true tips for basketball court maintenance

Posted by on August 7, 2017


basketball court maintenanceThese days, high school gyms are used for just about everything. Basketball and volleyball games, college fairs, homecoming dances, and pep rallies are just a few of the events that wear and tear your team’s beautiful court. But you don’t have to switch locations to keep your court in good shape. Just follow these tested basketball court maintenance steps to keep your floor in pristine condition.

Every day

Make sure that your custodial staff dust mops your court at least once a day.  Because dirt and sand attached to footwear gets tracked into the gym and shoes end up sanding the floor each time someone walks on it.  Using a dust mop to clean the floor frequently will eliminates premature wear of the coating.

Once a week

Organic material such a sweat will cause your court to become slick.  The best way to remove this grime is with an alcohol based cleaner like Praters Court Marshall.  Hundreds of schools trust Praters Court Marshall to get the job done. You can find Court Marshall cleaning kits in our online store.

When needed

Black marks often happen after games and events. These are easy to clean up if you know the secret trick. Put a tennis ball on a broomstick and rub the black mark off the court!  Use Praters Court Marshall to help with the stubborn ones.  A magic eraser also gets the job done.

Each year

The MFMA (Maple Flooring Manufacturers Association) and Praters recommend recoating your floor yearly. Despite what many think, summer is actually the worst time to recoat your court. Events and use between August and December wear the court down so that by the time basketball season rolls around, it is not nearly as beautiful as it was at the beginning of the school year. That is why we strongly recommend using a water-based finish, which can be used while school is in session with minimal disruption. Many schools contract out this work, and we provide this service to almost 1000 gyms each year, but we are always available to direct your custodial staff if you would rather perform this work in-house.  And, we supply only the best products to meet your needs.   Contact our team to find out what is best for your school’s needs.

Every 7-10 years

Court graphics need to be refreshed periodically.  Logos get worn and dated.  Trends in design change and game lines get added and removed.  We recommend a sand every 7-10 years. Check out our recent work at Cumberland County High School to see what a difference our premium service can make!

There you have it, folks! If you follow these basketball court maintenance steps, your home court will look awesome for years to come.

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Praters partners with Adidas LVL3 in Vegas

Posted by on July 31, 2017


lvl3 praters playon decalsWhen we say we’re part of the most high-profile events out there, we aren’t joking. 

LVL3 – The Event of the Summer

Many of basketball’s biggest names came out to the Adidas LVL3 event in Vegas, and included Derrick Rose, Damian Lillard and Andrew Wiggins. 

Praters helped Kamp Grizzly brand the event with a court and custom PlayOn Decals — all installed in the Chelsea Theatre in the Cosmopolitan. 

The event included games with celebrities, performances by top artists, and specialized skills training.

It also included a showcase of the next hot innovations created by Adidas, including playing in unreleased products. Fans of all ages came out to hang with their heroes.

As always, Praters helped make LVL3 a huge success! 


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Fresh sand revives high school’s glory days

Posted by on July 20, 2017

new sand high school basketball

In 2011, Praters transformed Cumberland County High School’s basketball court with state-of-the-art designs. Thousands of games were played by hundreds of high school athletes in the six years that followed.

And last month, we updated their court to reflect the trends and style of 2017 basketball.

So how did we do this? A fresh sand.

Our experts can restore most any floor to its former glory with a fresh sand.

“Things change,” John Prater, president of Praters Flooring, said. “A court that was trendy ten years ago looks outdated and old today. Not just because of normal wear and tear from use, but because what’s cool changes. We’re here to transform floors both in quality and in look.”

This year, we sanded all existing paint off of the floor and started from scratch. We kept the school’s Carolina Blue color but replaced the paint with a blue stain on the entire body of the floor, a very popular trend right now. We also painted a white border, which is a new addition to this court.

So, is your court ready for an upgrade?

Call today to speak with one of our experts and get your gym looking brand new!

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Warrior Games showcase athletes’ resiliency

Posted by on July 9, 2017


Warrior GamesLast week, athletes competed on a court provided by Praters for the finals of the Warrior Games in Chicago. 

These weren’t just any athletes, though.

All of the competitors in the Warrior Games were members of the U.S., U.K., and Australian military. 

Each athlete overcame significant illness and injuries, as these games stand to prove that there is life after combat for service members across the world.

In Friday nights gold medal game,  Army defeated Navy 55-54.

Praters proudly partners with the Warrior Games and we are humbled by the courage of these brave men and women. The games were a massive success, as always, and incredibly encouraging and inspiring to all who witnessed. 

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Praters finishes largest portable floor in the world

Posted by on June 23, 2017


Eleven basketball courts. 17 volleyball courts. 72,000 square feet. One portable floor.

The largest portable floor in the world, in fact.

And the only place for a job like that? Why, the largest portable basketball facility in the world, of course. Praters’ Rossville location happens to be just that. And the Praters Team spent more than two months finishing the courts and making them pristine before sending the floor to its final destination — Hoover, Alabama.

It took ten fully-loaded tractor trailers to make the trek, and only three days for the Praters and Connor teams to complete installation at The Finley Center.

Definitely a world record!

And the very next day, local families and athletes came together to compete on the brand new courts and christen the new rec center.

Need a portable floor? You know who to call!

Praters wants to be a part of your next installation or event. Our portable floor capabilities are bar none! So give us a call and let us take care of your gym.


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Praters decals take SneakerCon Chicago to next level

Posted by on June 12, 2017



Thousands of sneaker enthusiasts gathered last week to check out the best new kicks from around the world. And got a glimpse of Praters PlayOn™ Court Decals.

And when they needed a court for the most famous guests to play a game on, Praters took the call. Ryan and Emily went to Chicago to install a Connor Sports portable court, complete with event graphics using Praters PlayOn Performance Decals.

Praters specializes in event production. We provide customizable rental courts and branding, and want to help you make your dream event a reality. Additionally, we can rent, install and run the goals and shot clocks for your event.

So call for your PlayOn court decals today!

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Praters wins award for best gym floor design

Posted by on May 1, 2017

gym court design

Every once in awhile, an idea for a design comes along that is just irresistible. 

For us, that opportunity was working with the University of Lafayette’s Ragin’ Cajuns on finishing their new court. But, it wasn’t easy. Such a detailed court needed lots of TLC, but Praters Flooring has the experience and expertise to handle it. And all of that fun and hard work paid off! Recently, Wood Floor Business Magazine recognized us with the Best Gym Floor award! 

Design award:

Check out the story
, which includes an interview with John Prater, president of Praters Flooring.  

Pushing the envelope:

Also, check out our gallery for more examples of us turning a great idea into an even better court!

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Peace Games bring local gangs together

Posted by on September 29, 2016

Celebrities, pro athletes, and local gang members hit the basketball court on Saturday for the fifth annual Peace Basketball Tournament at St. Sabina Church in the city’s Gresham neighborhood.

The tournament aims to promote peace over gun violence, said Fr. Michael Pfleger, of St. Sabina.

On Saturday, neighborhood rivals were teammates. Players included rival gang members of five neighborhood factions.

“Basketball’s a hook, basketball is a relationship builder, but it’s bigger than basketball. It’s about jobs. It’s about education,” Pfleger said.

Among the luminaries at the tournament was ‘Chiraq’ director Spike Lee, retired NBA players Mark Anthony Aguirre and Isaiah Thomas.

Teens and young men made up the opposing teams.

“If you see somebody in the ‘hood, give ’em a pass. If you can give them a pass on the court, you can get them on the streets,” one player told the group.

The tournament comes as gang and gun violence continues to plague the city.

Chicago native and Milwaukee Bucks player Jabari Parker was one of Saturday’s volunteers and even played in the game.

“A little bit makes a difference. Three hours is a lot to do something positive. It’s three hours away from crime. Three hours away from un-productivity,” Parker said.

Organizers hope that finding common ground on the basketball court could spark change in the streets.

“We’ve got to get the city back. We’ve got to get the city back right and this peace tournament is going to do it,” player Nikko Robertson said.
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How They Do It: Pulling Off Today’s Bold Basketball Floors

Posted by on September 16, 2016


Not long ago, gym floor specialists were known mainly for their ability to travel long distances to a job, use their riding sanders to sand vast expanses of maple, paint their lines and walk miles back and forth to get finish on the floor. It wasn’t a niche involving much creativity or imagination, and, except for painting the lines, it didn’t require much finesse, either.

Times have changed. While coating gyms still involves a lot of walking, what happens before that final coat could hardly be called boring. Today’s basketball courts are in-your-face, with huge logos and other wild graphics that are all about branding. Many people date this trend to the University of Oregon floor that debuted in 2010 (more on that in the sidebar “Into the Woods” below), with its forest of tall fir trees that broke the mold of traditional floors and even led to rule changes in the NCAA.

The effects have been far-reaching. While many NBA floors remain tame in comparison, NCAA floors seem to compete to outdo each other, and high schools and even junior highs and grade schools are catching on to the trend. How do wood floor pros execute the crazy designs? HF talked to some gym floor specialists to find out.

Read the entire article at Athletic Business Magazine.

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